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Dreams by MortuusInAnima
Nourishing us during the sleep.

Last Wednesday I had a surgery,  therefore I couldn't move during the sleep for some nights. :omg: Terrible. There are people who sleep all night on their back with their hands folded on their stomach, like a dead body. I prefer sleeping on my side, like a -guess what?- foetus. Afterall, a beginning is usually better than an ending. :p
This depressive condition of mine inspired me. :la:
Source by MortuusInAnima
Usually I have a sentence which describes the drawing and gives a message, but this time I can't think of anything. :p Try to understand on your own then.It started with the sentence that resumes the thought of Heraclitus,  "Panta rei" (everything flows) and his statement "You couldn't enter twice into the same river", but then it became something different. Something that has a sense in my head but can't find it in words. :juggle: In my latest drawings I have noticed that my style has been changing and I don't know if it is improving or just going in the wrong direction.
The Sound of Silence by MortuusInAnima
The Sound of Silence
Silence is like soap bubbles: you enjoy its perfection for a moment and it's already gone. 

It looks better in reality. :iconfacepalmplz:
Apathy by MortuusInAnima
Sometimes you feel so tired and indolent that you let yourself be dragged down by negativity even if you have the means to overcome all of it.

Something with a thing which might be close to a background thingy. :p
  • Mood: Lazy
This is the story of Billy. He was a dreamer, he dreamt adventures. The only thing he could think of was going out of his house and seeing the world.
One day he woke up, he packed all his things, said goodbye to his boring and safe life and left.
Billy went out of the door, he felt the air on his face. He was ready for a long journey, he was free.
Then a car ran over him and killed him.

What? Did you expect adventures? Well, some stories don't go how you expect, this is life.
So? So what did I want to say with this? Only that I wish you all to survive in this adventure, not to die before the fun part begins. :cough: Well, I hope you to see the new year and also its end, am I clear enough?


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Topse Cret
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
VENI...VIDI...VICI. (Work in progress)

-Chocolate addict.

-Expert in nothingology. (For more info about this discipline, contact the expert)

-Tutor of the art of communicating through nonsenses,

-Owner of the delivery service 'Lazy & Tired'.

-Busy at spreading the religion of Laziness, also known as 'take-a-rest-before-you-get-tired' or 'can't-get-it-don't-need-it' and many others.

-New container of everything bad that came out from Pandora's box.

'Save a dream:
let me sleep.'

Italy Stamp by l8

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