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Divine Commensal  (sneak peek) part 2 by MortuusInAnima
Divine Commensal (sneak peek) part 2
I can tell that I am learning something about comic pages, even if in slow motion. :giggle: And it is also amusing me a lot.
Made this with pencils and pen, added the balloons and the text with... Paint. :B It's all I have.
The Divine Commensal (sneak peek) by MortuusInAnima
The Divine Commensal (sneak peek)
I am glad to introduce you to the century's most fabulous deed: The Divine Commensal, a remake of the famous Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. If anyone out there hasn't read it, they'd better read it so they can say that our version is far better. Why? Because it talks about food and the journey to obtain it!
A friend of mine, rarely another one and I decided to take our book of Dante's Inferno and rewrite it, line by line with some twist. :iconlikeaboss-plz: We are the characters, obviously.
This is the scene when Virgil tells Dante, in Canto II, that Beatrice has sent him to rescue him. So, I drew the flashback, when Beatrice asks Virgil to help that loser.
Well, this was just an attempt to draw something similar to a comic, since I have always wanted to draw one. In this way I realized that all I know about perspective is its name. :lol: But I will work on it.

More to come, hopefully. :la:
Some frame by MortuusInAnima
Some frame
This is a thing I started back in 2012 and never finished. :no: Just wanted to share it, bah.
Emma Watson by MortuusInAnima
Emma Watson
For me she is only Hermione Granger.
I wanted to draw a portrait of a singer or an anctor/actress, then after thinking really hard I realized I am not particularly interested in any famous person. :XD: So I chose her, since she is the only one I know.

Reference used.
There's No Art by MortuusInAnima
There's No Art
"There's no art
to find the mind's construction in the face."
W. Shakespeare, "Macbeth" Act I, scene III

Here there is something inspired by a line by King Duncan in Macbeth. :nod: Nothing complex, but still nice, I'd say.
  • Mood: Lazy
This is the story of Billy. He was a dreamer, he dreamt adventures. The only thing he could think of was going out of his house and seeing the world.
One day he woke up, he packed all his things, said goodbye to his boring and safe life and left.
Billy went out of the door, he felt the air on his face. He was ready for a long journey, he was free.
Then a car ran over him and killed him.

What? Did you expect adventures? Well, some stories don't go how you expect, this is life.
So? So what did I want to say with this? Only that I wish you all to survive in this adventure, not to die before the fun part begins. :cough: Well, I hope you to see the new year and also its end, am I clear enough?


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
VENI...VIDI...VICI. (Work in progress)

-Chocolate addict.

-Expert in nothingology. (For more info about this discipline, contact the expert)

-Tutor of the art of communicating through nonsenses,

-Owner of the delivery service 'Lazy & Tired'.

-Busy at spreading the religion of Laziness, also known as 'take-a-rest-before-you-get-tired' or 'can't-get-it-don't-need-it' and many others.

-New container of everything bad that came out from Pandora's box.

'Save a dream:
let me sleep.'

Italy Stamp by l8

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